Create merchants

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To create a merchant in the Back Office, follow the steps:

  1. Go to Marketplace > Merchants.
  2. On the Overview of Merchants page, click Add Merchant.
  3. On the Create Merchant page in the General tab, enter the following information:
  • NAME.
  • EMAIL.
  1. Optional: To activate the merchant after creating it, select IS ACTIVE.
  2. Optional: For STORE RELATION, select one or more stores to assign the merchant to.
  3. For MERCHANT URL, enter the URLs of merchant profile per store.
  4. Click Save. This opens the Overview of Merchants page with a success message displayed. The created merchant is displayed in the list.
  5. Optional: To give the merchant access to the marketplace, click Approve Access next to it. This refreshes the page with a success message displayed. The merchant is now Approved.
NAME Name.
REGISTRATION NUMBER The number assigned to the company during registration.
MERCHANT REFERENCE Unique identifier of the merchant. This can be used to reference the merchant in a third-party ERP system.
EMAIL The merchant’s main email address. This address is used as a username when logging into the Merchant Portal. Addresses of existing Back Office users are accepted.
IS ACTIVE Active merchants are displayed on the Storefront.
STORE RELATION The stores in which the merchant is present.
MERCHANT URL Merchant’s profile URLs per store.
Warehouses Name of the Warehouse assigned to the merchant. For more details about the warehouses, see Merchant Warehouse.