Marketplace Merchant Custom Prices feature overview

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The Marketplace Merchant Custom Prices feature allows marketplace merchants to define custom prices for the marketplace products within specific business units of B2B customers via the Merchant Portal.


Marketplace operators need to define a relationship between the business units of the B2B customer and the merchants before merchants are able to define custom prices for these business unit users. For information on how to define a contract relationship between your marketplace B2B customers and the merchants, see Merchant B2B contracts feature overview. Once this relationship is established, merchants can see the existing contracts.

A merchant can set two types of prices:

  • Default prices. These are the prices shown by default to all regular customers.
  • Custom prices. These are different prices meant for specific target audience.

Customers see custom prices for products based on their merchant relationship, or default prices if the merchant relationship doesn’t have prices for marketplace products.

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