Manage merchant product offers

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This document describes how to view and manage merchant product offers in the Back Office.


To start working with offers, go to Marketplace > Offers.

These instructions assume that there is an existing offer created by the Merchant in the Merchant Portal.

Each section contains reference information. Make sure to review it before you start, or look up the necessary information as you go through the process.

Approving or denying offers

Only approved and active offers are available for purchase on the Storefront.

To approve an offer, on the Offers page, in the Actions column, click Approve next to the offer you want to approve.

You can deny the offer by clicking Deny on the Offers page in the Actions column.

Tips and tricks

You can sort by offers belonging to a certain Merchant:


Reference information: Approving or denying offers

On the Offers page, there is a table with all the offers available in the Marketplace. The table includes:

  • Offer ID
  • Reference
  • Merchant
  • SKU
  • Name
  • Status
  • Visibility
  • Stores
  • Actions

By default, the table is sorted by the Offer ID value.

You can sort the table by other values (Name and Status) using the sorting icon in the needed column.


Viewing an offer

To view an offer, on the Offers page, in the Actions column, next to the offer you want to view, click View.

Reference information: Viewing an offers

The following table describes the attributes on the View Offer: [Offer Reference] page:

Offer Reference Unique identifier of the merchant product offer in the system.
Status Current status of the offer. Can be:
  • waiting for approval
  • approved
  • denied
For details about the statuses flow, see Product offer status.
Visibility Visibility state of the offer. Can be
  • active
  • inactive
For details about the visibility flow, see Product offer status.
Stores Stores for which the offer is assigned.
Product SKU SKU of the product.
Type Type of the item.
Name Name of the product for every locale.
Description Description of the product for every locale.
Merchant Merchant Name of the merchant who owns the product.
Merchant SKU Product SKU of this offer in the Merchant system.
Price Table with the default and volume prices defined for the product offer in NET and GROSS mode.
Stock Stock for product offers in every store.

Merchant Product Offer feature overview