Main merchant

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The Spryker Marketplace platform offers sales opportunities to everyone. To help support the Enterprise Marketplace model, not only the 3rd party merchants but also the company owner of the Marketplace store can sell their products and offers online. We call this company the main merchant.

Thus, the main merchant acts as a common marketplace merchant having all its characteristics.

Main merchant orders and returns

Being both a marketplace operator and a seller and already performing tasks in the Back Office, the main merchant manages their merchant orders also in the Back Office. For details, see Managing main merchant orders.

Main merchant state machine

To manage merchant orders of the main merchant, the main merchant state machine exists. Out of the box, the main merchant state machine provides the following states:

  • Created
  • New
  • Canceled
  • Left the merchant location
  • Arrived at the distribution center
  • Shipped
  • Delivered
  • Closed

The workflow of the main merchant state machine is schematically displayed in the following diagram:


Main merchant returns

If the Marketplace Return Management feature is integrated into the project, the main merchant state machine obtains an additional return subprocess, and the flow looks like this: