Upgrade the CmsBlockGui module

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Upgrading from version 1.* to version 2.*

This version adds support to manage CMS Block-store relation through the dedicated CMS Block Back Office.

  1. Install/update spryker/cms-block to at least version 2.0.0. For more information, see Migration Guide - CMS Block.

  2. Upgrade spryker/cms-block-gui to at least version 2.0.0.

  3. The CMS Block Back Office expects the CMS Block-store relation handling partial form to be defined in the dependency provider using the Spryker\Zed\Kernel\Communication\Form\FormTypeInterface. You can use the single store and multi-store compatible default implementation Spryker\Zed\Store\Communication\Form\Type\StoreRelationToggleType wrapped in Spryker\Zed\Store\Communication\Plugin\Form\StoreRelationToggleFormTypePlugin. Note: Spryker\Zed\Store\Communication\Plugin\Form\StoreRelationToggleFormTypePlugin is introduced in spryker/store version 1.2.0.

Example injection:

namespace Pyz\Zed\CmsBlockGui;

use Spryker\Zed\CmsBlockGui\CmsBlockGuiDependencyProvider as CmsBlockGuiCmsBlockGuiDependencyProvider;
use Spryker\Zed\Store\Communication\Plugin\Form\StoreRelationToggleFormTypePlugin;

class CmsBlockGuiDependencyProvider extends CmsBlockGuiCmsBlockGuiDependencyProvider
     * @return \Spryker\Zed\Kernel\Communication\Form\FormTypeInterface
    protected function createStoreRelationFormTypePlugin()
        return new StoreRelationToggleFormTypePlugin();
  1. The following deprecated methods have been removed:
  • CmsBlockGuiCommunicationFactory::createCmsBlockForm()
  • CmsBlockGuiCommunicationFactory::createCmsBlockGlossaryForm()
  • CmsBlockGuiCommunicationFactory::createCmsBlockGlossaryPlaceholderTranslationFormType()
  • CmsBlockGuiCommunicationFactory::createCmsBlockGlossaryPlaceholderFormType()
  • CmsBlockForm::getName()
  • CmsBlockGlossaryForm::getName()
  • CmsBlockGlossaryPlaceholderForm::getName()
  1. Additionally these internal classes have changed. Take a look if you have customized any of them:
  • CmsBlockForm
  • CmsBlockTable
  • ViewBlockController
  • ViewBlock/index.twig

You can find more details for these changes on the CMS Block GUI module release page.

  1. In the Back Office, go to Content > Blocks.
  2. Next to any CMS block, select Edit Block. You should see the Store relation field with the list of available stores.