Add translations

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To add a translation in the Back Office, follow the steps:

  1. Go to the Administration > Glossary.
  2. On the Glossary page, click Create Translation.
  3. On the Create Translation page, enter a NAME.
  4. Optional: Enter translations per locale.
  5. Click Save. This opens the Glossary page with a success message displayed. The translation is displayed in the list.
  6. Ask your development team to add the translation on the code level. Now you can add translations to content. See Next steps for details.

Example of translations

Reference information: NAME

A NAME of a translation is a glossary key, a unique identifier of the translation. You use it to add translations to different types of content. When the content is rendered on the Storefront, the glossary key is replaced with a translation based on selected locale and the translation you entered for the locale.

Next steps