Order products in categories

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To order products in a category in the Back Office, follow the steps:

  1. Go to Catalog > Categories. This opens the Category page.
  2. Next to the category you want to order the products in, click Actions > Assign Products. This opens the Assign products to category page.
  3. On the Products in this category subtab, enter ORDER for needed products.
  4. Click Save. The page refreshes with a success message displayed. On the Products in this category subtab, the products are ordered per the updated ORDER. That’s the order they will be displayed in on the Storefront.

Reference information: ORDER

When a category is rendered on the Storefront, its products are ordered in the ascending order of their ORDER. The products with order value 0 go first. If there are multiple products with the same order value, they are ordered alphabetically based on their names.