Import file details: discount.csv

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This document describes the discount.csv file to configure Discount information in your Spryker Demo Shop.

To import the file, run:


Import file parameters

discount_key String Must be unique. Key identifier of the discount.
display_name String Must be unique. Unique display name of the discount.
description String Description of the discount.
amount Number Discount amount.
calculator_plugin String Name of the plugin used to calculate the product discount.
is_exclusive Boolean True = 1
False = 0
Indicates if the discount is exclusive or not.
is_active Boolean True = 1
False = 0
Indicates if the discount is active or not.
valid_from Date Indicates the date from which the discount is valid.
valid_to String Indicates the date to which the discount is valid.
decision_rule_query_string String Query with the decision rule to assign the discount.
collector_query_string String Query with the rule to collect the discount.
discount_type String discount_type can be either:
  • cart_rule
  • voucher
Type of discount.
promotion_sku String SKU of the promotion.
promotion_quantity Number Quantity of product items that have this discount.

Additional information

If discount_type is set to voucher then a voucher pool will be created from this data.

Import template file and content example

discount.csv template Exemplary import file with headers only.
discount.csv Exemplary import file with Demo Shop data.