Shopping list printing overview

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Shopping lists are used by companies to prepare and manage the list of products they intend to buy or the products that they buy regularly. Shopping lists are highly popular among restaurants, as they can easily prepare lists of food they order on a regular basis. However “digital” version of the shopping lists is not always convenient because, for example, restaurants, cafes, and bakeries prefer a paper version of the shopping list in the kitchen to collect handwritten notes or pin them to a wall, and subsequently make an order. Shopping list printing lets your customers print the list of products with barcodes they added to the shopping list in the webshop, as well as shopping lists shared with them. They can even order items from the printed shopping lists with the help of a barcode scanner.

The webshop users can print their shopping lists and shopping lists shared with them in two ways:

  • From My Account > Shopping Lists:

Overview page

  • From the Shopping List View page, which can be accessed by clicking on the name of a shopping list on the Shopping Lists page:

Shopping list details page

Clicking Print opens a printable version of the Shopping List page, which contains the shopping lists name, product barcode, SKU, name, default price, and note:

Printing page