View returns of an order

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This document describes how to view returns of an order in the Back Office.


To start working with orders, go to Sales > Orders.

Review the reference information before you start, or look up the necessary information as you go through the process.

Viewing returns of an order

  1. On the Orders page, next to the order you want to view the returns of, click View. This opens the Order Overview page.
  2. In the RETURNS pane, next to the return you want to view, click View. This opens the Overview of Return: [Return ID] page. To learn what you can do with returns, see Managing returns.

Reference information: Viewing returns of an order

This section describes the attributes you see when viewing returns of orders.

Return reference Reference number of the return.
The return reference of the registered users contains the store, customer ID, and the number of returns made by this customer. For example, DE-35-2 means that the return was made in the DE store by a user with ID 35, and this is the 2nd return of that user.
The return reference of the guest users contains the store, G identifier of the guest return, and the number of the return in this store. For example, DE-G3 means that this is the 3rd guest return in the DE store.
You can filter out the guest returns on the list of returns by typing G in the search field.
Items Number of items in the return.
Remuneration total Total remuneration.