Product Sets feature overview

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The Product Sets feature lets you create and sell collections of products. For example, you can create a stationary workspace set, a set of clothing or accessories, or furniture for a specific room. The “Shop-the-Look” function is a common example of a product set, where you can build a collection of items based on relations or recommendations.


When browsing a product set, a Storefront user can select variants per product in a set, add an individual or all products from the set to cart.


A Back Office user can define the following:

  • The order of products in a set displayed on the Storefront.
  • The order of products sets displayed on the Storefront. It’s relevant if you have multiple product sets on the same page.
  • The unique product set URL.

A Back Office user can add product sets to any page by creating a product set content item and adding it to CMS pages and blocks.

For more details about product sets, watch the video:

Current constraints

The feature has the following functional constraints which are going to be resolved in the future:

  • Product sets are shared across all the stores of a project.
  • You cannot restrict availability of a product set to a store.
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