Upgrade the QuoteRequestAgentPage module

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Upgrading from version 1.x.x to version 2.x.x

The only major change of the QuoteRequestAgentPage 2.x.x is the dependency update for spryker/quote-request-agent:^2.0.0 and spryker/quote-request:^2.0.0

Also, transfer property QuoteRequestTranser::isLatestVersionHidden was replaced by QuoteRequestTransfer:isLatestVersionVisible.

Estimated migration time: ~1h

To migrate do the following:

  1. Update spryker/quote-request-agent to version ^2.0.0 by following the steps from Upgrade the QuoteRequest module.
  2. Update spryker/quote-request to version ^2.0.0 by following the steps from Migration Guide - Quote Request Agent.
  3. Update spryker-shop/quote-request-agent-page:^2.0.0
composer require spryker-shop/quote-request-agent-page: "^2.0.0" --update-with-dependencies
  1. If you modified anything in the following files on the project level, ensure that the new module version changes do not conflict with yours:
  1. To generate transfers, run the following command:
vendor/bin/console transfer:generate