Upgrade the NavigationsRestApi module

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Upgrading from version 1.* to version 2.*

Version 2.0.0 of the NavigationsRestApi module introduces the resourceId field and a new dependency to the spryker/url-storage module.

BC Breaks and Solutions:

  • Set up project configuration
  • Migrate database

To upgrade to the new version of the module, do the following:

  1. Update the NavigationsRestApi module with Composer: "spryker/navigations-rest-api": "^2.0.0" --update-with-dependencies
  2. Set up Project Configuration. Configure mapping to specify source field from which the resourceId field should be filled depending on navigation node type.



namespace Pyz\Glue\NavigationsRestApi;

use Spryker\Glue\NavigationsRestApi\NavigationsRestApiConfig as SprykerNavigationsRestApiConfigi;

class NavigationsRestApiConfig extends SprykerNavigationsRestApiConfig
     * @return array
    public function getNavigationTypeToUrlResourceIdFieldMapping(): array
        return [
            'category' => 'fkResourceCategorynode',
            'cms_page' => 'fkResourcePage',
  1. Perform database schema migration. If you do not have the spryker/url-storage module in your project - you need to perform database schema migration to get the required tables.

On your local development environment you may run:

console transfer:generate
console propel:install
console transfer:generate

When looking to generate a production migration, this command will help you find the SQL patches needed against your production schema:

vendor/bin/console propel:diff

Before migrating a production database, always review each SQL statement individually, even when there are many of them.

Estimated migration time: 30 minutes