Sales module: reference information

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The Sales module provides the order management functionality. The functionality is obtained through the ZED UI that renders orders with orders details and the Client API to get customer orders.

Getting totals for order

To get the Order with totals, the facade method SalesFacade::getOrderByIdSalesOrder() creates an order level which returns the OrderTransfer with a hydrated grandTotal, subtotal, expense, discounts, and more.

This is an improvement from the Sales 5.0 version where you had to use SalesAggregatorFacade to get totals. This version has been deprecated.

Persisting order calculated values

All calculated values are persisted now, when order are first placed. The values are stored by orderSaver plugins from checkout bundle. Check /Pyz/Zed/Checkout/CheckoutDependencyProvider::getCheckoutOrderSavers for currently available plugins.

Some values can change during time when order refunded or partially refunded, with canceled_amount and refundable_amount being recalculated and new values persisted. At the same time, totals also change, but they do not overwrite old entry. Instead, it creates a new row in spy_sales_order_total. With this, you have a history of order totals from the time order was placed.

The following ER diagram shows persisted calculated values: ER diagram

Extension points

HydrateOrderPluginInterface—this is an action which happens when the SalesFacade::getOrderByIdSalesOrder() method is called. This can be done when you wish to populate OrderTransfer with additional data. This plugins accepts passes OrderTransfer for additional population.

There are already few plugins provided:

  • DiscountOrderHydratePlugin—populates OrderTransfer with discount related data as it was stored when order is placed.
  • ProductOptionOrderHydratePlugin—populates OrderTransfer with product option related data.
  • ProductBundleOrderHydratePlugin—populates OrderTransfer with product bundle related data.
  • ShipmentOrderHydratePlugin—populates OrderTransfer with shipment related data.