Arvato - Store Order

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As soon as the order is activated in the eShop it has to be directly delivered by the service call StoreOrder in risk solution services. Based on the transmitted data a limit check is processed again. The result and action codes returned by StoreOrder should be analyzed and the order process should be stopped if applicable.

The store order call can be added to OMS. ArvatoRss module provides a command (SprykerEco\Zed\ArvatoRss\Communication\Plugin\Oms\Command\StoreOrderPlugin) to invoke store order call and a condition (SprykerEco\Zed\ArvatoRss\Communication\Plugin\Oms\Command\IsStoreOrderSuccessfulPlugin) which checks whether the call has been successful or not.

In case of obtaining the success result with RiskCheck call, CommunicationToken will be present in response. And need to be stored to quote and provided to store order call by developer. All the operations over the communication token are processed by project.

Data, which is sent to Arvato RSS and must be present in quote:

RegisteredOrder Shows if order is placed with registered customer or not.
OrderNumber OrderReference is set here.
Debitor number Customer id from the database.
Payment type Payment type which is mapped to existing payment methods via configuration. See config.dist.php to get an example.
Currency Is taken from store configuration.
GrossTotalBill Total value of order incl. delivery fee, rebates/ credit notes and VAT (Grand Total).
TotalOrderValue Value of goods for this order incl. VAT (Subtotal).
ProductNumber Product number, defined by customer(default value 1). Sku is set there.
ProductGroupId Product group number/product type (default value 1). 1 is set.
UnitPrice Value of units incl. VAT.
UnitCount Quantity of units (maximum value 99999999).

You can check the result codes, returned by Arvato in the attachment.