Heidelpay workflow for errors

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From the user’s perspective, there is almost no difference between successful and unsuccessful order flow.

The only exception is a redirect to the URL after the placeOrderAction (/checkout/place-order) is complete. Both URLs can be configured as follows:

 $config[HeidelpayConstants::CONFIG_YVES_URL] = 'http://' . $config[ApplicationConstants::HOST_YVES];

 //url which is used in case if order was successfuly handled by Heidelpay
 $config[HeidelpayConstants::CONFIG_YVES_CHECKOUT_SUCCESS_URL] = 'http://' . $config[ApplicationConstants::HOST_YVES] . '/checkout/success';

 //url which is used in case if order was unsuccessfully handled by Heidelpay
 $config[HeidelpayConstants::CONFIG_YVES_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT_FAILED_URL] = 'http://' . $config[ApplicationConstants::HOST_YVES] . '/heidelpay/payment-failed?error_code=%s';

Data flow containing information about the Heidelpay transaction error is marked red.

Heidelpay error handling workflow