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The world’s most powerful review platform

Trustpilot is a leading independent review platform – free and open to all. With more than 550 million reviews of over 260,000 domains, Trustpilot gives people a place to share and discover reviews of businesses, and we give every company the tools to turn consumer feedback into business results. Our mission is to bring people and businesses closer together to create ever improving experiences for everyone. Trustpilot reviews are seen more than 2.5 billion times each month by consumers worldwide. With offices in Copenhagen, London, New York, Denver, Berlin, Melbourne and Vilnius, Trustpilot’s 700 employees represent more than 40 different nationalities. For more information, visit


  • Trustpilot creates the trust that makes potential customers paying customers
  • Trustpilot generates traffic, increases click-through rates, lowers bounce rates and increases conversion rates
  • Trustpilot increases domain presence in organic search results (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
  • Trustpilot can help improve Google Adwords performance (CTR and CVR)
  • Trustpilot provides improved customer understanding and insights

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