Create file list content items

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This topic describes how to create file list content items in the Back Office.


Make sure to review reference information before you start, or look up the necessary information as you go through the process.

Create a navigation content item

  1. Go to Content > Content Items.
  2. On the Overview of Content Items page, click Add Content Item > File list.
  3. On the Create Content Item: Product Set page, enter a NAME
  4. Optional: Enter a DESCRIPTION.
  5. On the Default tab, add files to the list:
  6. In the Available Files table, click +Add to list next to the needed files.
  7. In the Selected Files table, arrange the files by clicking Move Down or Move Up next to the files you want to move.
  8. Optional: Repeat the previous step on the needed locale-specific tabs.
Multi-language setup

The following logic applies in a multi-language setup:

  • Locale-specific values overwrite the default values when the banner is rendered on a Storefront page with the locale selected.
  • If the fields are not filled out for a locale, the default values are displayed on a Storefront page with the locale selected.
  1. Click Save. This opens the Overview of Content Items page with a success message displayed. The content item is displayed in the list.

Tips and tricks To clear product selection on a tab, click Clear locale.

Reference information: Create file list content items

The following table describes the attributes on the Create Content Item: File List page.

NAME Name for a file list content item.
DESCRIPTION Descriptive information on what a file list content item is used for.
Selected Files Top table that displays the selected files.
Available Files Bottom table that displays a list of files uploaded to the file manager.
ID Sequence number.
File Name File name.

Reference information: File list content item widget

The widget allows you to insert a File List content item that will be displayed as a link or icon to download the file, such as video, image, zip, pdf, etc on a page or block.

You can add only files uploaded to File Manager. Thus, if you make any changes to files in the File Manager section, for example, remove the file, these changes will be applied in the Content Items section as well.
See the File Uploader Feature Overview article to learn more about file types that can be uploaded to File Manager.

Use case example: This widget can be used, for example, to submit some additional information or attach a pdf promotion presentation of your products to a page.

You can view how it looks like on the store website:

  • B2C
    Template used: File icon and size File list content item widget B2C

  • B2B
    Template used: Text Link File list content item widget B2B