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Automate customer retention

At zenloop, the focus is on the customer – the SaaS platform for customer retention and winback based on the Net Promoter System® (NPS). Companies such as AboutYou, Deichmann and ShopApotheke use zenloop to ask the right questions at the right time and collect customer feedback automatically via multiple channels. The platform uses artificial intelligence to process this feedback and subsequently identifies reasons for customer churn as well as internal weak spots. As a result, zenloop creates an individual communication strategy for every (un)satisfied customers and paves the way to optimized CX, strong customer loyalty and increased CLV.


  • collect actionable feedback at high response rates up to 25-30%
  • excite and engage your organization with feedback livestreams
  • identify immediate insights and trends with Smart Labels (text analytics)
  • delight promoters and critics with personalized replies to reduce churn
  • empower improvements - route feedback alerts to colleagues

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