Search types overview

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This document describes the default search types shipped with the Search feature.

The default full-site search has the following functionality:

  • Fuzzy search: Suggests search results that do not exactly match the search request.
  • Auto-completion: Helps customers by predicting the rest of a search string and offers a list of matching options.
  • Search suggestions: Proposes on-the-fly page suggestions for products, categories, or CMS Pages.
  • Did-you-mean: Offers typo corrections for the search string.
  • Mimic a dynamic category by saving a search result and embedding it like a category page in your navigation.

If you set up a multi-language store, the search function automatically checks and adjusts the language your customer has selected. All search functions, such as auto-complete or auto-suggest, are then applied to the selected language.

By default, all content on CMS and Product Pages, such as product name, description text, or allocated attributes, is searchable. Additionally, Product attributes can be boosted in the search results. You can easily define which products or content to include in or exclude from the full-text search.

For details about how you can manage the search preferences, see Managing search preferences.

Current constraints

The feature has the following functional constraints:

  • Search preference attributes are shared across all the stores in a project.
  • You cannot define a search preference for a single store.
Manage search preferences