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High performance in E-commerce is our daily bread - yours too? Econda collects billions of E-commerce data from thousands of online shops for more than 1000 customers throughout the world, on a daily basis. We store the data, enrich it and provide instant reports – we compile the user profile and product recommendations and return this to the online shops in real time. Of course all in line with data protection. We manage the flood of data for our customers using the latest methods and cutting edge technology, helping them to capitalize on their E-commerce data.


  • Spryker Industry Partner – interface to Spryker
  • Data ownership with customers, TÜV certified data protection, according to the EU data protection regulations (in force as of 05/2018) and eprivacy regulation
  • Web and app data acquisitions, Tag Management
  • Cross-channel and cross-device tracking, analyses and personalization
  • Data imports and exports from third party systems with automated matching
  • All in real time: analyses, recommendations and personalization
  • Item-2-item recommendations, thanks to the most innovative data mining and machine learning process (up to 25% of turnover share with good recommendations)
  • Personalization and individualization with the very latest KI methods (up to 40% increase in turnover share, an increase of up to 800% in mailing success.)

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For further information on this partner and integration into Spryker, please contact us.