Create shipments

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This document describes how to create shipments for orders in the Back Office.


To start working with order shipments, do the following:

  1. Go to Sales > Orders.
  2. Next to the order you want to manage the shipment of, click View. This opens the Order Overview page.

Review the reference information before you start, or look up the necessary information as you go through the process.

If you create or edit a shipment of an order created by a customer, the grand total paid by the customer is not affected:

  • If a new shipment method is added, its price is 0.
  • If the shipment method is changed, the price of the previous shipment method is displayed.

Creating shipments

If you have more than one item in an order, you can create a new shipment as follows:

  1. In the ORDER ITEMS section, click Create Shipment. This opens the Create Shipment page.
  2. For DELIVERY ADDRESS, select an existing customer’s address or New address. If you selected New address, address fields appear. Fill out the details of the new address.
  3. Select a SHIPMENT METHOD.
  4. Optional: Enter a REQUESTED DELIVERY DATE.
  6. Click Save. This opens the Order Overview page with the success message displayed. The new shipment is displayed in the ORDER ITEMS section.

Reference information: Creating shipments

The following table describes the attributes you enter and select when creating shipments.

DELIVERY ADDRESS The address to deliver this shipment to.
SALUTATION Customer’s salutation.
FIRST NAME Customer’s first name.
MIDDLE NAME Customer’s middle name.
LAST NAME Customer’s last name.
EMAIL Customer’s email address.
COUNTRY Customer’s country.
ADDRESS 1 Customer’s address.
ADDRESS 2 Additional details of the customer’s address.
COMPANY Customer’s company.
CITY Customer’s city.
ZIP CODE Customer’s ZIP code.
PHONE Customer’s phone number.
CELL PHONE Customer’s cell phone number.
DESCRIPTION A short description of this address.
COMMENT A comment about this address. For example, “Only for small packages”.
SHIPMENT METHOD The delivery company to delivery the items in this shipment.
REQUESTED DELIVERY DATE Preferred date for delivering the items in this shipment.