Integrate Payone

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To integrate Payone, follow these steps.


Before you can integrate Payone, make sure that your project is ACP-enabled. See App Composition Platform installation for details.

The Payone app requires the following Spryker modules:

  • spryker/message-broker: ^1.3.0
  • spryker/message-broker-aws: ^1.3.2
  • spryker/payment: ^5.10.0
  • spryker/sales: ^11.32.0
  • spryker/sales-return: ^1.4.0
  • spryker-shop/checkout-page: ^3.21.0
  • spryker-shop/payment-page: ^1.2.0
  • spryker/oms: ^11.21.0
  • spryker/sales-payment: ^1.2.0

1. Connect Payone

  1. In your store’s Back Office, go to Apps > Catalog.

  2. Click Payone. This takes you to the Payone app details page.

  3. In the top right corner of the Payone app details page, click Connect app. This displays a message about the successful connection of the app to your SCCOS. The Payone app’s status changes to Connection pending.

  4. Go to Payone and obtain the credentials.


    It takes some time to obtain credentials from Payone because you have to go through a thorough vetting process by Payone, such as the “know your customer” (KYC) process before Payone verifies you.

2. Configure Payone

  1. Go to your store’s Back Office, to the Payone app details page.
  2. In the top right corner of the Payone app details page, click Configure.
  3. On the Payone app details page, fill in fields in the Credentials section. payone-app-detais
  4. Select Payone Environment Mode.
  5. Enter your Shop Name. This name will be displayed on Payment page as a merchant label for whom to pay: payone-shop-name
  6. Select one or more payment methods. payone-payment-methods
  7. Optional: To configure payment methods per store, click Payment methods per store configuration and select stores for the defined payment methods.
  8. Click Save.


If the app was connected successfully, a corresponding message appears, and the app status changes to Connected. The payment methods you’ve selected in step 8, appear in Administration > Payment methods: payone-credit-card.

3. Add Payone domain to your allowlist

To enable Payone to redirect your customers to their 3D Secure page and later to your success page, you must add the ACP domain inside your Content Security Policy allowlist. To do that, change your deploy.yml file or your config/Shared/config_default.php file if changing the environment variable is not possible.

In the deploy.yml file, introduce the required changes:

      "APP_DOMAINS": [

Alternatively, you may add the domain to the allowlist from the config/Shared/config_default.php file. If you updated the deploy.yml file, this step can be ignored.

$config[KernelConstants::DOMAIN_WHITELIST][] = '';

Next steps

Activate the added payment methods