Marketplace concept

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An online Marketplace is a type of e-commerce business where products or services are sold and fulfilled by multiple sellers (merchants). A growing number of large companies are adopting the Marketplace business model to create new revenue streams, differentiate from the competition, get a better ROI, and increase customer loyalty by adding more products or services to their assortment.

The Spryker Marketplace solution supports two major types of marketplace models:

  • Pure Marketplace: In such a marketplace, third-party merchants sell the products. The Marketplace administrator manages the business process and makes money from commissions.

  • Enterprise Marketplace: This type of marketplace is an organization with existing e-commerce operations, which lets third-party merchants sell through its platform to enrich offerings and stimulate growth. In such cases, both merchants and a Marketplace administrator act as sellers.

The Spryker Marketplace solution supports both B2C and B2B marketplaces. Besides, Spryker Marketplace is not a separate system. Instead, it is built as a set of extensions on top of Spryker Commerce OS, which makes upgrading to Marketplace straightforward and easy.

Marketplace concept

Spryker Marketplace includes the following functionalities:

  • Ability to define multiple merchants and their profiles.
  • Merchants can sell their own products or create offers on other merchants’ products.
  • Marketplace Storefront is extended with the capabilities to display merchant profiles, show sellers of a product, and filter catalog by a merchant.
  • Products from different merchants can be mixed in a shopping cart, and order fulfillment supports splitting order by a merchant.
  • Third-party merchants can manage a profile, products, offers, and orders using the Merchant Portal.
  • Marketplace administrator gets additional tools to manage the Marketplace and control their merchants by approving profiles, products, and offers.

Check out this video to learn more about the Marketplace in the Spryker Commerce OS:

Marketplace personas