Viewing Dashboard

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This topic provides an overview of the dashboard charts presented in the Dashboard section in Spryker Back Office.

Viewing dashboard

To view the dashboard charts, click Dashboard. The Dashboard page is displayed.

Count orders

The Count orders chart provides a summary of orders made for the last 7 days.

The x-axis shows days, and the y-axis shows the number of orders.

Count orders

Orders by status

The Orders by status chart shows the statuses of all the orders that currently exist in the system.

You can hover your mouse over the chart to see the details.

Once the status of an order is updated in the Sales > Orders section, the change is reflected on this chart. Order status

Top Orders

The Top Orders chart visualizes 10 most sold products.

The x-axis shows placed orders, and the y-axis shows product names. You can hover your mouse over each line and see the number of ordered items.

Top orders