Upgrade the Tax module

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Upgrading from version 4.* to version 5.*

In version 5, tax calculation logic changed, tax amount for options, expenses and items are now calculated in the Tax module. The plugins: ExpenseTaxCalculatorPlugin, ItemTaxCalculatorPlugin and TaxTotalsCalculatorPlugin were removed, and replaced with:

  • TaxAmountCalculatorPlugin—to calculate item, item product option and expense taxes.
  • TaxAmountAfterCancellationCalculatorPlugin—to calculate tax amount after cancellation/refund happened.

Corresponding plugin business classes, ExpenseTaxCalculator, ItemTaxCalculator, TaxCalculation were also removed and replaced with:

  • Business classes TaxAmountCalculator
  • TaxAmountAfterCancellationCalculator

Upgrading from version 2.* to version 3.*

If you’re migrating the Tax module from version 2 to version 3, you need to follow the steps described below.

With the version 3 of the Tax module, new tax calculation is used. The tax rate is based on the current shipping country or, if it’s unavailable, a default tax rate value is used. First you need to execute a database schema migration:

ALTER TABLE "spy_tax_rate"
ADD "fk_country" INTEGER;
ALTER TABLE "spy_tax_rate" ADD CONSTRAINT "spy_tax_rate-fk_country"
   FOREIGN KEY ("fk_country")
   REFERENCES "spy_country" ("id_country");

ALTER TABLE "spy_tax_rate"
 ADD "created_at" TIMESTAMP,
 ADD "updated_at" TIMESTAMP;

ALTER TABLE "spy_tax_set"
 ADD "created_at" TIMESTAMP,
 ADD "updated_at" TIMESTAMP;

Now you should be able edit the tax rates in Zed, under the tax section. To use the new tax rate calculation logic, you need to register the tax calculator plugins in CalculationDependencyProvider::getCalculatorStack():

  • ItemTaxCalculatorPlugin— used after the item sum gross amounts are calculated.
  • ShipmentTaxRateCalculatorPlugin— used after expense gross sum amount is calculated.
  • ProductOptionTaxRateCalculatorPlugin— used after item sum gross amounts are calculated.
  • ProductItemTaxRateCalculatorPlugin— used after item sum gross amounts are calculated.
  • ExpenseTaxCalculatorPlugin— used after expense gross sum amount is calculated.

If you have discounts:

  • ItemsWithProductOptionsAndDiscountsGrossPriceCalculatorPlugin()— after SumGrossCalculatedDiscountAmountCalculatorPlugin.
  • ItemsWithProductOptionsAndDiscountsTaxCalculatorPlugin()— after ItemsWithProductOptionsAndDiscountsGrossPriceCalculatorPlugin.
  • DiscountTotalsWithProductOptionsCalculatorPlugin— after DiscountTotalsCalculatorPlugin.
  • ExpenseTaxWithDiscountsCalculatorPlugin— after DiscountTotalsWithProductOptionsCalculatorPlugin.
  • TaxTotalAmountWithProductOptionsAndDiscountsCalculatorPlugin— after TaxTotalsCalculatorPlugin.