Table Column Type extension

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This document explains the Table Column Type extension in the Components library.


Column Type is an Angular Component that describes how a specific type of the column is rendered within a table column.

Check out the following example to see how to configure columns in the table config:

        columns: [
                id: 'columnId',
                title: 'Column Title',
                type: 'COLUMN_TYPE',
                typeOptions: {
                    // ... COLUMN_TYPE Options

Main Services/Decorators/Components

Using the table module, any table column can be registered by key via the static method TableModule.withColumnComponents(). It assigns the object of columns to the TableColumnComponentsToken under the hood.

ColumnTypeOption decorator

By using the ColumnTypeOption decorator, properties of columns can be validated at runtime. The ColumnTypeOptions interface shows all the properties.

TableColumnTypeComponent decorator

The TableColumnTypeComponent decorator merges the default config parameters from the argument with the dynamic config parameters from the table.


The TableColumnRendererComponent is used by the table to render each column based on the configuration and data.

Table Column

As an Angular Component, Table Column must implement specific interface (TableColumnTypeComponent) and be registered on the Table Module via its TableModule.withColumnComponents() method by passing a string that will be associated with it when rendering.

It is also necessary to create your own column module and add it to the RootModule.

// Module augmentation
import {
} from '@spryker/table';

declare module '@spryker/table' {
    interface TableColumnTypeRegistry {
        custom: CustomTableColumnConfig;

// Component implementation
@Injectable({ providedIn: 'root' })
export class CustomTableColumnConfig {
        type: ColumnTypeOptionsType.AnyOf,
        value: [String, Boolean],
    customOption? = 'customOption';

// Module
    declarations: [CustomTableColumnComponent],
    exports: [CustomTableColumnComponent],
export class CustomTableColumnModule {}

// Component
export class CustomTableColumnComponent
    implements TableColumnComponent<CustomTableColumnConfig> {
    @Input() config?: CustomTableColumnConfig;
    @Input() context?: TableColumnContext;

// Root module
    imports: [
            custom: CustomTableColumnComponent,
export class RootModule {}

Context interpolation

Check out an example of getting a Table Column config value from the context:

// Module
import { ContextModule } from '@spryker/utils';

    imports: [CommonModule, ContextModule],
    exports: [CustomTableColumnModule],
    declarations: [CustomTableColumnModule],
export class CustomTableColumnModule {}

// Component
@Injectable({ providedIn: 'root' })
export class CustomTableColumnConfig {
    propName? = this.contextService.wrap('displayValue');

    constructor(private contextService: ContextService) {}
// Usage
    [propName]="config.propName | context: context"


Below you can find interfaces for the Table Column Type extension configuration.

export interface TableColumnComponent<C = any> {
    config?: C;
    context?: TableColumnContext;

export interface ColumnTypeOptions {
    /** Is it required */
    REQUIRED: boolean;
    /** Expected type. Specify exact type in {@link value} prop */
    type?: ColumnTypeOptionsType;
    /** Value type. See {@link ColumnTypeOptionsType} for more details.
     * May be recursive for some types */
    value?: unknown | ColumnTypeOptions;

export enum ColumnTypeOptionsType {
    /** Value will be compared with strict equality */
    Literal = 'literal',
    /** Value must be any Javascript type (String, Number)  */
    TypeOf = 'typeOf',
    /** Value will be compared with every array item. May be recursive */
    ArrayOf = 'arrayOf',
    /** Value must be an array of other types. May be recursive */
    AnyOf = 'anyOf',

Table Column types

UI library comes with a number of standard column types that can be used on any project:

  • Autocomplete - renders @spryker/input and @spryker/autocomplete components.
  • Button-action - renders @spryker/button-action component.
  • Chip - renders @spryker/chip component.
  • Date - renders a formatted date by config.
  • Dynamic - is a higher-order column that gets ColumnConfig from the configured Datasource and renders a column with the retrieved ColumnConfig.
  • Image - renders an image.
  • Input - renders @spryker/input component.
  • List - renders a list of column types.
  • Select - renders @spryker/select component.
  • Text - renders a static text.