B2C Suite

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The Spryker B2С Suite is a collection of ready-to-use B2С-specific features. Of course, every B2С project has its own set of features that meet its business needs and B2B features can be used as well, but the most common features for B2C commerce are as follows.

B2C feature list

B2C Demo Shop

To demonstrate the B2C features in a live implementation, we use a B2C Demo Shop. The B2C Demo Shop is a showcase that is preloaded with a combination of modules and functionalities best suited for B2C commerce. This Demo Shop is our recommended starting point for all standard B2C commerce projects. New features for the B2C Demo Shop are released every several months.

To download the B2C Demo Shop, visit the following GitHub repository: https://github.com/spryker-shop/b2c-demo-shop.

To install the B2C Demo Shop, follow the instructions in Installing Spryker with Docker.