Tutorial — Troubleshooting Yves or Zed not restarting after deployment

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Yves or Zed is not accessible after deployment or the deployment is failed.

Check the status of service and task

Check the service and task of the service that’s not restarting as follows. For Yves, check the service and task postfixed with yves. For Zed, check the service and task postfixed with zed.

  1. In the AWS Management Console, go to Services > Elastic Container Service.
  2. In the navigation pane, select Clusters.
  3. Select the cluster of the environment to which an unavailable service belongs.
  4. On the page of the cluster, select the unavailable service.
  5. On the page of the service, check if the Running count is equal to the Desired count. If the numbers are equal, the service is running correctly.
  6. Switch to the Tasks tab.
  7. Check if the Last status is Running.


  1. If the task is not running, switch to the Events tab and check the errors.


  1. Switch to the Tasks tab.
  2. For the Desired task status, select Stopped.


  1. Select the latest stopped task.
Multiple stopped tasks

If there are multiple stopped tasks, to identify the latest one, open the page of every task and compare the Stopped at dates and times.

  1. In the Containers section, select the arrow before the container name.

  2. In the Details section, check the exit code and the errors.