Tutorial — Troubleshooting failing Yves authentication

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Yves authentication fails for all customers.

Since it’s a customer-side issue, you need to go through customer-related stages of information flow (red arrrows on the diagram). The default information flow is frontend > Yves > Zed (boffice).

information flow diagram

As authentication is not related to the frontend itself, you can skip it when troubleshooting through the flow.

Check logs

Check Yves, and Zed (backoffice) logs as follows. Filter log groups by yves and zed ( boffice ).

  1. In the AWS Management Console, go to Services > CloudWatch > Log groups.

  2. In the Log groups pane, filter log groups by entering a query in the search bar. For example, enter staging.

filter log groups

  1. Select the desired log group.

  2. In the Log streams pane, select the log stream according the last event. The last event time should match the time when the issue occurred.

select log stream

  1. In the Log events pane, filter events by entering a query in the search bar.