Spryker Cloud Commerce OS management

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This RACI Matrix defines responsibilities, consultation and reporting obligations while providing Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) hosting for Spryker customers.


Responsible (R)
Those who do the work to complete a task.
Accountable (A)
The one ultimately answerable for the correct and thorough completion of a deliverable or task, and the one who delegates the work to those responsible.
Consulted (C)
Those whose opinions are sought, typically subject matter experts; and with whom there is a two-way communication.
Informed (I)
Those who are kept up to date on progress, often only on completion of a task or deliverable; and with whom there is just one-way communication.
Application (A)
Customer Commerce Solution build using Spryker Commerce OS.
Infrasatructure (I)
Underlying cloud infrastructure managed by Spryker to deliver Spryker Cloud Commerce to Spryker customers.

RACI Matrix

Application health, security, and performance.
Provide an operational application based on the code of the Docker SDK and Spryker. C A/R I
Optimize application performance by applying best practices. I/C R/A I
Maintain application up to date and secure. I/C R/A I
Infrastructure configuration and scaling.
Resize environments according to changing needs. - C R/A
Maintain the infrastructure up to date and secure. I I R/A
Configure infrastructure for applications. I C R/A
Provide deploy files for SCCOS environments. I R/A C
Provide valid access tokens for repositories and make them available per requirements. - R/A I
Conduct appropriate testing, especially the load testing of data import before production deployments. I/C R/A I
Conduct initial troubleshoot of deployment issues. - R/A -
Resolve deployment issues related to code and data, like data imports, timeouts during data import, or wrong data structure. - R/A I
Resolve deployment infrastructure issues: placement issues, timeouts of image building, deployment of containers like Jenkins. - - R/A
Monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting.
Analyze logs to detect and troubleshoot infrastructure issues. I I R/A
Analyze logs to detect and troubleshoot application issues. I/C R/A -
Monitor infrastructure and inform stakeholders about issues proactively. I I R/A
Monitor application and inform stakeholders about issues proactively. I/C R/A -