Setting up a custom SSL certificate

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This document describes how to set up an SSL certificate (SSL) for a production environment.

By default, all the domain names (domains) are provided with generic SSLs, which are managed automatically. For the production environment, you can set up a custom SSL certificate.

Third-party DNS zone provider

If the DNS zone of a domain name is hosted with a third-party provider, it is impossible to use the generic SSLs and manage custom SSLs in Spryker Cloud Commerce OS.

Pre-installed SSLs

If you provided custom SSLs for the initial setup, they are already installed and you can skip this step.

Setting up a custom SSL certificate

To set up a custom SSL:

  1. Register an SSL.
  2. Provide the following details via support:
    • Domain name
    • Certificate body
    • Certificate private key
    • Optional: Certificate chain

The values should be PEM-encoded.

We set up the SSL shortly after you have provided it.

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