Connecting the Docker SDK

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Spryker Docker SDK is a tool used to set up docker environments for Spryker projects.

This is an optional tool locally, but we highly recommend installing it to make your local environment similar to the one in Spryker Cloud Commerce OS.

Select a Docker SDK version

Analyze your project’s architecture and determine the Docker SDK version to use.

Before deploying code to the cloud, you must define the Docker SDK version in .git.docker. For instructions, see Choosing a Docker SDK version.

Forking the Docker SDK

Spryker Cloud Commerce OS does not support forks of the Docker SDK. Your project’s code must be compatible with the Docker SDK’s main branch for a successful deployment.

Connect Docker SDK

To connect Docker SDK to your project, follow the instructions in Integrating the Docker SDK into existing projects.

Deploy file

At the Set up a Deploy file step, instead of setting up a new deploy file, use the one provided to you after the onboarding.

Start from scratch with Docker SDK and Demo Shop

If you want to start a new project from scratch, follow Installing Spryker with Docker.

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