Spryker Marketplace

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In this section, you will find all the information about Spryker Marketplace and how to start developing one.

If you are new to Spryker, first see our Intro to Spryker.

Overview of Spryker Marketplace

To learn what Spryker Marketplace is, read the following documents:

How do I start with Spryker Marketplace?

For new projects, we provide B2C and B2B Demo Marketplace templates, which are a great starting point.

Even if you don’t need marketplace features at first, but you are going to use them in the future, the Demo Marketplaces are still the best starting point. You can just ignore the marketplace features until you actually want to use them.

To learn how to install B2C or B2B Demo Marketplace, see Set up Spryker locally.

Can I upgrade to marketplace from a regular B2B or B2C shop?

To upgrade to marketplace from a regular Demo Shop, follow How-To: Upgrade Spryker instance to the Marketplace.

Marketplace concept