Edit the docs using a web browser

Edit on GitHub

The Spryker documentation is hosted on GitHub, in the spryker-docs repository. Therefore, to contribute to the Spryker documents, you have to use GitHub. For more information about what GitHub is, see About Git.


We write the Spryker documentation using Markdown. If you don’t know Markdown yet, check the GitHub Markdown Guide. For the documentation-specific Markdown elements and HTML syntax used where Markdown is not enough, see Markdown syntax.

This instruction explains how to contribute to the Spryker documentation by creating pull requests on GitHub.


To start contributing to the Spryker documentation, make sure you have a GitHub account.

For information about how to create a new account on GitHub, see Signing up for a new GitHub account in the official GitHub documentation.

Propose changes to the Spryker documentation

To propose changes to the Spryker documentation, take the following steps:

  1. At the top right corner of the page you want to propose changes to, click Edit on GitHub. This opens the document on GitHub. opening-a-document
  2. At the top right corner of the GitHub page, click the Edit icon. This launches the edit mode to make changes to the document. editing-the-document
  3. On the Edit file tab, edit the document.
  4. To complete your editing and propose changes, in the Propose changes section, fill in the following fields:
    • Create [document-name.md]: Give your commit a name that matches the page title or section you create or edit. For example, if you edit the document called “Cart feature integration guide”, your commit must also be named “Cart feature integration guide”.
    • Add an optional extended description… (optional): Provide an optional detailed description of your commit. For information about commits, see About commits in the official GitHub documentation.
  5. Click Propose changes. This takes you to the Comparing changes page. proposing-changes
  6. On the Comparing changes page, open a pull request by clicking Create pull request. For information about pull requests, see About pull requests in the official GitHub documentation. comparing-changes
  7. On the Open a pull request page, the Title field is auto-populated with the name you gave to your commit with the changes proposed in step 5.
Renaming pull requests

To rename your pull request, delete the auto-populated title and enter a new one. Keep in mind that the pull request’s name must correspond to the name of document or section that you create or edt.

  1. Optional: On the Write tab, in the ## PR Description section, add an extended description of your pull request.
  2. Click Create pull request. creating-a-pull-request

Your pull request is created. Now, it will be picked up by the Spryker docs team for review and merge.