Developing the SDK

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To make changes to the existing Spryker SDK, you build it as a Docker container and then run it in the development or debug mode.

Building the dev container

To build the SDK and tag it, run the command:

docker pull spryker/php-sdk:latest
#Create new image with enabled debug spryker/php-sdk-debug:latest image
docker build -f {path to SDK}/infrastructure/sdk.debug.Dockerfile -t spryker/php-sdk-debug:latest {path to SDK}
spryker-sdk --mode=dev

Running SDK in the development mode

To run SDK in the development mode, do the following:

  1. Make sure you have Mutagen installed.
  2. Run spryker-sdk --mode=dev.

Running SDK in the debug mode

To start an Xdebug session with the serverName spryker-sdk that you configured in PHPStorm, run the command: spryker-sdk --mode=debug <task>

Handy commands

The following table lists some helpful commands to use during your development:

Command Description
rm db/data.db && spryker-sdk sdk:init:sdk Resets SDK
cd <project> && rm -f .ssdk && rm -f .ssdk.log && spryker-sdk sdk:init:project Resets project


If you face issues with:

  • Pulling container from the Docker registry
  • File permissions and ownership on files created by the SDK

you can build your own container from the SDK sources. Refer to Building flavored Spryker SDKs for details.