Fulfillment App: Fulfill orders

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This document describes how to prepare an order for shipping by collecting order items using the Fulfillment App.


Log into the Fulfillment App. The login details should be provided by your Back Office administrator. A Back Office user can create or convert an existing Back Office user into a warehouse user. For instructions, see Create users or Edit users.

Fulfill an order

  1. In the Fulfillment App, next to the warehouse you want to fulfill an order in, click Select.
  2. On the PICK LISTS page, next to the order you want to fulfill, click Start picking. picklists
  3. Based on the description of an item in the picklist, find and collect it in the warehouse. items description
  4. Based on whether you found the item, do one of the following next to its card in the Fulfillment App:
  • If you’ve collected the item, select or enter the number of items you’ve collected and click ✓ Done.
  • If the item wasn’t found, select or enter 0 and click ✓ Done.
  1. In the dialog that appears, to confirm you’ve collected the item, click Confirm. This moves the item from the Not Picked tab to either the Picked or the Not Found tab. You can double-check the results by opening those tabs.
  2. Repeat steps 3-5 until you process all the items by collecting or marking them as not found.
  3. To finish picking, click Finish picking. This opens the PICK LISTS page. The picklist you’ve processed is no longer displayed.