Manage marketplace products in the Back Office

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This section contains guides on managing marketplace products in the Back Office:

If you are not logged into the Back Office, take the following steps.


  • To log in with a Back Office account, create and activate the account in Users > Users. An existing Back Office user or a developer can create accounts. For detailed instructions, see Create users.
  • To log in with a single sign-on(SSO), check the requirements with your development team. For more details about SSO authentication, see Identity Access Management.

Log in with a Back Office account

On the Back Office login page, enter the EMAIL and PASSWORD of your account and click Login.

If you don’t have a login URL, your Back Office administrator or a developer can provide you with it.

Restore a Back Office password

  1. On the Login page, click Forgot password?.
  2. Enter the EMAIL that was used for your Back Office account registration and click Recover password. You should receive an email with the link to restore your password.
  3. In the email, click the change password link. This opens the Reset password page in the Back Office.
  4. In the Password and Repeat password fields, enter your new password.
  5. Click Reset.

Your password is now updated. To log in, enter the new password in the login form.

Log in with a single sign-on

If SSO is configured for the Back Office, you can log in with a third-party account as follows:

  1. In the login form, click Login with {Third-party service name}. This opens the third-party sign-in page.
  2. Sign into the third-party system by entering your username and password.

This logs you in and opens the Back Office home page.

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