Edit product offers

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To edit a product offer in the Merchant Portal, follow the steps:

  1. Go to Offers.
  2. On the Offers page, click on the offer you want to edit.
  3. In the Offer drawer that opens, update the needed fields.
  4. Click Save. This closes the drawer with a success message displayed.


Reference information: Edit product offers

The following table describes the attributes on the Create offer and Edit offer drawers:

Offer status Defines if the offer is displayed on the Storefront. By default, the offer is active.
Merchant SKU Unique identifier of product offer in the merchant’s ERP.
Offer Reference Unique identifier of the product offer in the Marketplace.
Stores Defines the stores where the product offer is available.
Quantity Defines the stock of the product offer.
Price Prices of the product offer per store, currency, and volume quantity. Volume quantity defines the minimum product offer quantity to be added to cart for the price to apply.
Validity Dates Defines the period during which the product offer is visible on the Storefront.