Entity does not exist: Pyz prefix

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When running an upgrade, you can get an error about a non-existent constant, class, method, or property. It’s caused by the name of the entity containing the pyz prefix.

Error example

Constant does not exist because the existent constant has PYZ_ prefix.


Remove pyz from the names of the entities:

  • Constant
  • Class
  • Method
  • Property

Rename constants

  1. Replace const PYZ_ with const.
  2. Replace ::PYZ_ with ::.
  3. Rename constant values that start with PYZ_.
  4. Remove constants that override the same parent constant with the same value.

Rename transfers

  1. In the shared folder, replace the following for *.xml transfers files:

    • "(pyz)(.)(\w*) with "\L$2\E$3
    • "(Pyz)(.)(\w*) with "$2E$3
  2. In *.php files, replace the Transfer\->(get|set|require)Pyz regexpa with Transfer->$1.

  3. In *.twig files, remove pyz in transfer getters like .getPyz or .pyz.

Rename DB schemas

Naming convention

According to our naming convention, all custom tables must be prefixed with pyz_

Remove pyz_ in *.xml schema files.

Rename methods

  1. Replace the on (get|set|add|map)Pyz regexp with on $1.
  2. Replace the \->(get|set|add|map)Pyz regexp with ->$1.
  3. Replace class Pyz with class.
  4. Replace BasePyz with Base.
  5. Replace the ([a-z])Pyz([A-Z]) regexp with $1$2.

Rename variables and class names

  1. Search by the \w\\Pyz regexp, Pyz(, : Pyz, (Pyz and remove pyz.
  2. Search by the (?<!(namespace |use |@[a-z]+ \\))(Pyz|pyz) rexexp and remove all the pyz occurrences.

Verify the changes

  1. Use phpstan to identify missed occurrences of pyz. If any found, rename or remove.
  2. Manually check the project base functionality.
  3. Run the CI and make sure it’s green.