Invite users to a Spryker Code Upgrader workspace

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After you get access to your Upgrader workspace, you can invite other users.

To invite users, follow the steps:

  1. In the Upgrader UI, go to People.

Spryker CI User Management - People

  1. On the People page, click Groups.

  2. Depending on the permissions you want to give to the users, select Admins or Developers Read-only.

Spryker CI User Management - Groups

  1. On the Group: {group_name} page, click Add member.

Spryker CI User Management - Add member

  1. On the Add new people to {group_name} group page, click Invite New.

Spryker CI User Management - Add user

  1. For EMAIL, enter one or more emails to send invites to. If you need to invite more than three users at a time, click + to add more email fields.
  2. For FUNCTION of each of the emails you’ve entered, select the roles of the users.
  3. Click Send invitation email. This sends email invitations to the specified users.

Spryker CI User Management - Invite user

For more information about user management, see Members in Buddy CI docs.