Connect Spryker Code Upgrader to an Azure managed project

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To connect the Spryker Code Upgrader manually using a Azure access token, follow the steps below.


  1. Generate Git credentials.

Open Clone Repository window in your Azure repository and click on Generate Git credentials button.

Generate Git credentials

  1. Create a Azure access token

Azure access token should have the following repository permissions:

Code (Read & write) for Spryker Upgrader Service: grants read and write access to the repository to enable the Upgrader to analyze the project and create PRs.

Configure the connection in Spryker CI

  1. In Spryker CI, go to Projects.
  2. On the Projects page, select the Spryker Upgrade Service project.

Spryker CI Projects

  1. Go to Code.

Spryker CI Code

  1. In the Connect Git repository pane, for GIT HOSTING PROVIDER, select Private Server.

  2. For AUTHENTICATION METHOD select Password.

Spryker CI Code Azure

  1. Enter your Azure repository URL, username and password, and click on Connect repository button.
Repository URL

Repository URL should be in format<organization_name>/<project_name>/_git/<repository_name> (without the <organization_name>@ prefix).

Next steps

Set the target branch for the Upgrader