Connect Spryker Code Upgrader to a project self-hosted with GitLab

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To connect the Spryker Code Upgrader manually using a Gitlab CE/EE access token, take the following steps.


Create a GitLab access token.

The GitLab access token should have the following repository permissions:

  • api for Spryker CI: grants complete read and write access to the scoped project API, including the Package Registry.

  • write_repository for Spryker Upgrader Service: grants read and write access to the repository to enable the Upgrader to analyze the project and create PRs.

Configure the connection in Spryker CI

  1. In the Upgrader UI, go to Projects.
  2. On the Projects page, select the Spryker Upgrade Service project.

Spryker CI Projects

  1. Go to Code.

Spryker CI Code

  1. In the Connect Git repository pane, for GIT HOSTING PROVIDER, select GitLab EE/CE.


Spryker CI Code GitLab

  1. On the Add new GitLab EE/CE integration page, enter a NAME.
  2. Select SHARING and AVAILABILITY per your requirements.
  3. For GITLAB ENTERPRISE IP OR URL, enter your GitLab host.
  4. For PERSONAL ACCESS TOKEN, enter the GitLab access token.

Spryker CI Integration GitLab Form

  1. Click New integration. This connects the Upgrader to your GitLab organization and opens the Switch repository or Git hosting provider page.

  2. For GROUP, select the GitLab group that has access to the repository you want to connect.

  3. For REPOSITORY, select the repository you want to connect. This displays a success message. The Upgrader is now connected to your repository.

Spryker CI GitLab Repository Selection

Next steps

Set the target branch for the Upgrader