Spryker SDK

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The Spryker SDK aims to provide a single entry point to accelerate your productivity while working with Spryker. The Spryker SDK provides tools to validate existing code, implement new features with Spryker, and go live with your project.


  1. Ensure the auth file is available for composer. See Authentication for privately hosted packages and repositories for details.
  2. Install Docker and Docker Compose.
  3. Download the installer.sh file from the latest release.
  4. Run installer.sh </path/to/install/sdk/in>.
  5. Optional: To add spryker-sdk as an alias if you use Bash or Zsh, execute "add alias spryker-sdk='</path/to/install/sdk/in>/bin/spryker-sdk.sh'" >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc for Bash or "alias spryker-sdk=\"</path/to/install/sdk/in>/bin/spryker-sdk.sh\"" >> ~/.zshrc && source ~/.zshrc for Zsh.c

Getting started

Run sdk:setting:set to set up your local settings.

To get an overview of the available capabilities of the Spryker SDK, run spryker-sdk list.

You can execute any task by running spryker-sdk <task-id> from the project root folder. To get information about the options that you can pass into a task, run bin/consolespryker-sdk <task-id> -h.