SDK conventions

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The Spryker SDK defines the following conventions.


A task must have an ID that follows the schema <group>:<language>:<subgroup>, where <group> stands for validation or generation, <language> is PHP, and <subgroup> should be a descriptive name. For example, there can be a task with the following ID: validation:php:architecture.

Value resolver

  • Must be suffixed with ValueResolver.

  • Must implement ValueResolverInterface.

  • A configurable value resolver interface should be preferred over the concrete implementation.


  • Must define the path with an underscore as a separator, for example, some_setting.

  • Must define the scope is_project: true/false to distinguish if the setting is per project or global.

  • Must define a type to be either array, integer, string, boolean, or float.

  • Must define the strategy to use when setting the value. The allowed values are merge and overwrite.

  • Should define init as boolean. True means that this value is initially requested from the user.


  • Name must start and end with %. For example, %some_placeholder%.
  • Must define optional: true/false to indicate if the placeholder needs to be resolved to run the task.
  • Must use the id or fully qualified class name of an existing value resolver for the field valueResolver.