Onboard to Spryker Code Upgrader

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Onboarding to Spryker CI consists of the following steps.


Prepare your project for Spryker Code Upgrader

1. Get initial access

To get started, provide the email of your SCCOS admin. The admin user will be a super user. They will be able to change repositories and invite new users to their workspace.

Once we receive the admin’s email address, we will provision your Spryker CI workspace and send you an email invitation.

Onboarding to Spryker CI

2. Go to your workspace

You receive an email with a one-time invitation token, but your invitation is always active when you sign in at Spryker CI. Create your account and accept the invitation to the workspace.

Spryker CI invitation

3. View the projects in your workspace

Your workspace contains the Spryker Code Upgrader project.

Spryker CI projects

4. Connect your repositories

Connect the Upgrader to your repository using one of the following documents:

Spryker CI pipelines

Next steps

Run the Upgrader

Support for Spryker CI