Connect the Spryker CI to a GitHub managed project

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There are two options for connecting Spryker CI to your repository: using Spryker CI’s native integration or using an access token.

Connect using Spryker CI native integration

  1. In Spryker CI, go to Projects.
  2. On the Projects page, select the Spryker Upgrade Service project.

Spryker CI Projects

  1. Go to Code.

Spryker CI Code page

  1. In the Connect Git repository pane, for GIT HOSTING PROVIDER, select GitHub.
  2. For ADD GIHUB INTEGRATION select +.

Spryker CI GitHub

  1. For ORGANIZATION, click on the field and select +. This opens GitHub.

Spryker CI GitHub Organization

  1. Select the organization you want to connect. You should have administrator rights in the repository.

GitHub Organization

  1. In the Authorize & Request pane, select Only select repositories.
  2. For Select repositories, select the repository you want to connect.
  3. Click Authorize & Request.

GitHub Repository Selection

  1. To authorize the action, enter your GitHub account password and click Confirm. This closes the window, and the connected organization is displayed in the ORGANIZATION field.

GitHub Confirmation

  1. For REPOSITORY, select the repository you’ve connected. Now the Upgrader is connected to your project.

Spryker CI GitHub Repository Selection

Connect Spryker Code Upgrader using GitHub access token

To connect the Upgrader manually using a GitHub access token, follow the steps.


Create a GitHub access token

To enable the Upgrader to analyze the project and create PRs, the GitHub personal access token (Fine-grained token) should have the following permissions:

  • Metadata: Access: Read-only

  • Webhooks: Access: Read-only

  • Contents: Access: Read and write

  • Pull requests: Access: Read and write

Configure the connection in Spryker CI

  1. In Spryker CI, go to Projects.
  2. On the Projects page, select the Spryker Upgrade Service project.

Spryker CI Projects

  1. Go to Integrations.
  2. On the Integrations page, click New integration.

Spryker CI Integration

  1. On the New integration page, click the Git tab.

  2. Select GitHub.

Spryker CI Integration GitHub

  1. On the Add new GitHub integration page, enter a NAME.
  2. Select SHARING and AVAILABILITY per your requirements.
  3. For AUTHORIZATION METHOD, select Personal Access Token.
  4. For TOKEN, enter the GitHub access token.

Spryker CI Integration GitHub Form

  1. Click New integration. This connects the Upgrader to your GitHub organization.

  2. To select the needed repository, go to Code.

  3. On the Switch repository or Git hosting provider page, click the GitHub tab.

  4. Select a REPOSITORY to connect the Upgrader to. This displays the message about a successful update. Now the Upgrader is connected to the repository.

Spryker CI GitLab Repository Selection