Invite users to Spryker CI

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To collaborate with a teammate, you need to invite them to your workspace and add them to a project. The only exception is the workspace owner who has access to all projects in the workspace.

To invite a teammate, do the following:

  1. In Spryker CI, go to People.

Spryker CI User Management - People

  1. On the People page, click Groups.

  2. Select Admins or Developers Read-only depending on the rights that you want to provide to the inviting person.

Spryker CI User Management - Groups

  1. On the Group page, click Add member.

Spryker CI User Management - Add member

  1. On the Add new people to group page, click Invite new.

Spryker CI User Management - Add user

  1. On the Invite new people page, enter one or more EMAILS to send invites to. If you need to invite more than three users at a time, click + to add more email fields.

Spryker CI User Management - Invite user

For more information about user management, see Members in Buddy CI docs.

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