PayOne - Paypal Payment

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The payment using PayPal requires a redirect to PayPal website. When the customer is redirected to PayPal’s website, he must authorize himself and he has the option to either cancel or validate the transaction.

A concern regarding payment flows that require redirection on third party website pages is that you loose control over the customers action ( the customer can close the browser before accepting or canceling the transaction). If this is the case, PayPal sends an instant payment notification (IPN) to Payone, then Payone notifies Spryker.

Front-end Integration

To adjust the frontend appearance, provide the following templates in your theme directory: src/<project_name>/Yves/Payone/Theme/<custom_theme_name>/e_wallet.twig

PayPal Payment Integration with Payone:

  1. A preAuthorize command is submitted which leads to a redirect to PayPal webpage.
  2. Redirect to PayPal webpage.
  3. If browser is closed, a notification is sent to PayPal state machine.
  4. After the customer chooses to accept or to cancel the transaction, a redirect is done back to the shop; the redirect URL indicates the option selected by the user ( accept/cancel transaction).
  5. A captureCommand is submitted if the customer has accepted the transaction on PayPals website.

State Machine Integration

Payone module provides a demo state machine for E-Wallet payment method which implements Preauthorization/Capture flow.

To enable the demo state machine, extend the configuration with following values:

 PayoneConfig::PAYMENT_METHOD_E_WALLET => 'PayoneEWallet',

$config[OmsConstants::ACTIVE_PROCESSES] = [