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Partner Information


Claranet is your innovative partner for hosting your Spryker Shop. E-commerce businesses face the challenge of constantly delivering new features while guaranteeing a safe and performant operation.As one of Europe’s leading managed IT services providers we bring your demands for availability, performance and security into line with the competitive factor agility. We are thus relying on container technologies and a high performance e-commerce stack, enabling you to provide your consumers a high end shopping experience with continuous appearance of new features and high standards of quality.


  • Rely on our expertise in hosting Spryker on a container-based environment – Spryker Demoshop is powered by Claranet.
  • Fast and easy deployment of new features by leveraging container technologies and further DevOps practices.
  • Highest performance and customer satisfaction with a proven e-commerce stack.
  • The right cloud meeting your requirements–we are certified partner of Google, AWS und Microsoft Azure.
  • Highest availability covered by business SLAs.
  • Guaranteed security for your data ensured by ISO-certification.
  • Expertise in migrating and operating complex applications.

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For further information on this partner and integration into Spryker, please contact us.